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Is Taylor Swift wearing Pjur in Bad Blood?

Is Taylor Swift wearing Pjur in Bad Blood?

Pjur has been ‘swift’ to cash in on media coverage of Taylor Swift’s video of Bad Blood, for which her team borrowed $13,000 worth of clothes from US retailer The Stockroom, including a flesh-coloured latex dress worn by Swift and a latex blouse worn by Selina Gomez. A report in The Guardian said that customers who buy Swift’s basque are recommended to “try our Pjur Bodyglide Lubricant, the best way to slip into your latex and give your wearables that sexy high gloss finish.”

In a press statement Pjur speculated: “It’s likely that Taylor Swift was using Pjur Cult in her new video to help her more easily slip into her skin-tight outfit. Because after all, the outfits have been purchased at Stockroom in Los Angeles – and there aren’t many of us who could resist such expert advice. Miley Cyrus also recently posted on Twitter that she uses Pjur for her latex costumes on stage. It seems Hollywood is in the grip of Pjur fever!”

The action packed video, in which a classic Jaguar was senselessly destroyed in the opening sequence, and the Guardian article, can be found here 


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