Introducing the Gleam team from Godemiche

Posted: August 8, 2016

A collaboration between Godemiche and Yummy Gummy Latex has resulted in the creation of the new Gleam dildo. The medium density handmade silicone dildo, which features body-safe glitter, was made after Yummy Gummy Latex,  a sheet latex and ready to wear clothing retailer and manufacturer, asked the Godemiche team to create a dildo using non-irritating to sensitive skin glitter the company had sourced. The pink dildo is colour matched to Yummy Gummy’s dusty pink glitter halter neck dress.

Yummy Gummy Latex said it chose to work with Godemiche because the company owners shared the same ethos – taking something that was originally boring and plain and making it colourful and creative: “Sheet latex and dildos for years have been just plain colours but we are both pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved,” the company said, adding that it gave Godemiche the same glitter for the dildos that it uses in its sheet latex.

Adam Breedon of Godemiche said: “We want to create toys that drive customers to challenge the norm so when Rebecca of Yummy Gummy Latex expressed an interest in a matching dildo to complement her beautiful dress we were more than happy to help. We want products to fill customers with the overwhelming desire to show them off, blurring the lines of what’s socially right or wrong. And the Gleam does just that. It has allowed us to take the popular pink dildo and bring it elegantly into present day. It is already being widely talked about on social media and has become a popular seller on the website.”

For more information on the Gleam visit Godemiche’s online store at, while the matching dress can be sourced from