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Intimate massagers from Mantric

The new Mantric Siena Series is now available from BMC Intimate. There are three models in the initial range – Symphony, Concerto and Rondo – each available in two colours, and another two models are scheduled for release next year. With a recommended retail price of £45 and a list trade price of £17 the units are targeted at the upper mid and top end of the market.

Mantric says its engineers spent four years researching and developing the Siena line and started again from scratch on three occasions because the results were not good enough to carry the Mantric name. The company says the collection has three defining features that make it unique; the vibration system, the distinctive design and its engineering. Each Siena Series model also has 10 pre-programmed modes, offering strong but deep vibration that is carried through the surface of the skin to the muscle below. Yet it is also claimed to be very quiet, which is why Mantric dubbed the development Stealth Project.

“When we started this project, we consulted with a lot of women who were regular toy users and who were already familiar with the Mantric brand,” explained Dominic Hawes, BMC Intimate’s MD. “Through a series of workshops, we came up with a brief for a totally new kind of toy that met three very important criteria for these women. Firstly, it had to have power available, but also had to be able to function more gently without losing the ability to stimulate. Secondly, it had to be extremely quiet. Many of the women who buy Mantric are young mums and they want to be able to keep their bedroom games private. Finally, it had to be properly waterproof. So many adult toys claim to be waterproof, but spring leaks within the first few seconds of being submerged. We designed the Siena Series chassis as a sealed unit. Water will not get in.”

Commenting on the long development period, Hawes added: “With the Siena Series, I was determined to bring something truly different to an already saturated market. It would be so easy to churn out yet another bog-standard ‘toy’ – but we wanted to create a product that would reflect a lifestyle choice, and we’ve carefully thought through every aspect to achieve this. We looked at all the things that are traditionally associated with sex toys, and practically turned every component on its head – from a packaging style that has never received consideration in this industry, to the massagers’ sensual appearance themselves, which I believe sets them apart from anything else out there on the market.”

Even the name, Hawes believes, will appeal to a different breed of customer, as each model is named after a musical style and is designed to evoke thoughts of classical arts and sensory delights. The products are finished in medical grade silicone, presented in shoe-box style packaging and billed as ‘intimate massagers’ in a deliberate move to set the Siena apart from other vibrators on the market.

For further information call BMC Intimate on 020 7835 5930 or visit www.bmcintimate.eu