Imtoy Piu virtual reality masturbator now at Net 1on1

Posted: September 30, 2016

Net 1on1 is now offering its customers the virtual reality Imtoy Piu, which the distributor describes as the first smartphone and tablet-controlled male masturbation toy. The hi-tech gadget connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet app which contains a library of erotic video footage. Once synced, the masturbator vibrates and moves in tandem with each video to give the user a more realistic experience. Powered by three motors, users can either lay back and enjoy the automated experience or take control of their pleasure manually. There are over 30 vibration combinations to discover, including fellatio-like sensations. The Imtoy Piu is waterproof, made from medical-grade silicone, and features magnetic charging.

Danielle Warn, head buyer at Net 1on1, said: “We always strive to stay ahead of the curve which is why we decided to add the world’s first smartphone-controlled male masturbation toy to our already extensive range of smart sex toys. Not only is the Imtoy Piu impressive and discreet, it brings pornography to life and allows men to take masturbation and their fantasies to the next level. The many lifelike sensations and wide range of videos on offer also ensures its longevity as a top-drawer staple of any man that dares to give it a go. No longer a novelty, virtual reality is growing and I believe that the Imtoy Piu boasts the quality and innovation necessary to cut through in a competitive marketplace.”

Net 1on1:

[T] 01273 830280