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“Impossible to have a dull massage” with new Shots Body Foam

“Impossible to have a dull massage” with new Shots Body Foam

Shots Media has introduced a new product which the company believes has the potential to become this summer’s sales hit. Called Crackling Body Foam, it is said to contain micro beads that burst on contact with the skin, giving a ‘wake-up effect’ while also providing pleasure. According to Shots, “The foam adds a complete new experience to the dimension of touch. With Crackling Body Foam it is impossible to have a dull massage.”

A representative from the product engineering team at Shots Media added: “The bursting and intensified crackling sound when the foam is being moulded and pressed even harder to the skin, it is so much fun. And it keeps doing this over and over. Providing a constant popping and titillating experience on every touch. In fact the longer you press and touch the body foam, the longer it stays active. Massaging can be a lot of fun adding more playfulness to the body contact by means of this uncanny innovation.”

Shots claim that after the foam has been applied to the skin a tingling sensation is felt, similar to feeling returning to a sleeping arm or soda bubbles on the tongue. This sensation is accompanied by the sound of constant popping, like corn seeds in a hot pan. “It foams, it opens the pores and wakens the skin directly adding more fun and playfulness to the sensation of touch,” said Shots. “Above this Crackling Body Foam it moisturises, improves circulation and it has a fresh smell.”

Crackling Body Foam is unisex and available in original, vanilla, peach, and strawberry flavours in 150 ml foam spray dispenser bottles.

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