ID Xtreme, ‘professional level lube for the more rigorous consumer’

Posted: February 22, 2018

Creative Conceptions has announced the arrival of ID Xtreme, a new lube from ID Lubricants which Creative says is a supreme lube for ‘xtreme’ conditions. Thicker than ID Glide, ID Xtreme is said to have been designed to meet the needs of high-intensity, high speed, high contact users. Formulated with Friction Reduction Technology to reduce resistance resulting from increased power and high temperatures, ID Xtreme is said to ensure a smooth ride even in the most demanding situations.

ID Xtreme is described as being condom compatible, toy safe and stain free. It can be re-activated by simply adding a drop of water or saliva. Gregg Haskell, founder and CEO of ID Lubricants, said: “This new lubricant has been a long time in the making as we have gone through many different formulas to make ID Xtreme absolutely right. The challenge was to make a water-based lubricant that enjoyed all the natural feel and condom compatibility of a water-based lube but with the ability to stay exactly where it is put and to withstand the rigours of extended play in the same way an oil-based lube would do. This is not an easy proposition but we believe after exhaustive testing we have it right. In addition, customers can be assured of the premium quality and safety of this unique product as ID Xtreme is an approved FDA 510K medical device.”

Creative Conceptions is the exclusive UK distribution partner for ID Lubricants and co-founder Jane Bowles said: “We are so pleased to have a new lube from ID – as you know we are ID mad and believe this latest addition to the ID stable really will ‘fill a hole’ in more ways than one. Although both ID Glide and ID Millennium are great products for anal sex, the new ID Xtreme really offers a professional level lube for the more rigorous consumer.”

ID Xtreme is available to pre-order now.

Creative Conceptions:

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