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Howzat? Orion hits training set sector for six

Orion Wholesale has added a new six-piece dildo set to its You2Toys collection. Appropriately named Six in a Row, the colourful training set is designed for vaginal and anal pleasure as well as stretching training.

The sizes of the individual dildos are as follows:

Green Dildo: Total length 12 cm, insertion length 11.5 cm, Ø max. 1.8 cm, weight 35 g

Yellow Dildo: Total length 13.2 cm, insertion length 12.4 cm, Ø max. 2.3 cm, weight 67 g

Purple Dildo: Total length 13.7 cm, insertion length 13 cm, Ø max. 2.5 cm, weight 82 g

Orange Dildo: Total length 14.7 cm, insertion length 14 cm, Ø max. 2.8 cm, weight 107 g

Blue Dildo: Total length 16 cm, insertion length 15 cm, Ø max. 3.2 cm, weight 154 g

Pink Dildo: Total length 17 cm, insertion length 16 cm, Ø max. 3.7 cm, weight 223 g

Made from silicone, with a soft surface for easy insertion, the dildos also bend and flex, so they adapt to the body and its movements. They also feature a large suction cup that will stick to a flat surface, allowing hands-free sessions. Orion says the suction cup can also work as a stopper during anal sex, preventing it from sliding in too far, plus they are compatible with strap-ons and harnesses.

For more information visit www.orion-wholesale.com or email [email protected]