Hot Octopuss launches new Pulse II range

Posted: February 5, 2015

Hot Octopuss has announced that it is launching its Pulse II collection this month. Pulse, its original product, became known as the ‘guybrator’ in media circles and picked up a number of awards, including Best New Male Product at the 2014 ETO Awards.

The new collection consists of two products – Pulse II Sole and Pulse II Duo. Solo is a development of the original Pulse, and will feature five pre-set vibration modes. Duo is aimed at couples and, as well as the five pre-set vibration modes, it also features independent controllable vibrations for her via a handheld remote control. Hot Octopuss says that Duo is the first couples’ toy on the market to incorporate two separate, independently controlled motors that aim to satisfy the different stimulatory needs of both the man and the woman.

The new models, which are waterproof, retain the oscillating technology which creates high amplitude vibrations for maximum stimulation for both sexes. Men can use the device in either erect or flaccid states, so it can be a solution for those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Adam Lewis, Hot Octopuss co-founder and designer of Pulse, said: “The overwhelming success of Pulse I demonstrated a global demand for premium sex toys. The Pulse II collection builds upon this success and feedback received from users of Pulse I. We have combined innovative design and manufacturing with our growing industry knowledge in this new collection of toys, which not only make history for being the first of a kind on the market, but also intend to change the general perception of sex toys forever. We have taken onboard reviews, suggestions and responses from consumers and industry critics and I’m confident that the Pulse II collection is going to satisfy users in far more ways than one.”

In addition to developing an award-winning product, Hot Octopuss also won accolades in 2014 for its creative use of PR. It sent samples of Pulse to England’s football team, which was experiencing an even more lacklustre World Cup than usual – prompting the ETO headline ‘Come on England, you wankers’ – and it placed a recruitment ad in a number of men’s magazines for a male sex toy tester. Within 48 hours of it appearing the firm was flooded with thousands of applications from all over the world and it lit up social media.

Lewis concluded: “We’re proud to be an innovative British company, offering genuinely new and design-led products, which deliver an incredible experience. Our mission with the Pulse II collection is to provide a range of next generation sex toys that continue to enhance the sex lives of men, women and couples the world over. I want to design sex toys that fit in with people’s lifestyles, not just their bedrooms, and I hope the new collection will help to achieve this.”

Retail prices are £69 for the Solo and £89 for the Duo. More information can be found at