Hot Octopuss creates ‘evolution of masturbation’ video

Posted: May 15, 2014

Hot Octopuss, the company behind the Pulse pleasure product for men, has created a short video which takes viewers through male masturbation aids through the decades. Set to stirring music and starting with a box of tissues to represent the 1950s, the journey takes in Playboy magazine, a gym sock, the Phillipa Hole blow-up doll, and even a vacuum cleaner before arriving at 2014 and Pulse.

Since its launch last year, Hot Octopuss say that Pulse has sold over 10,000 units and Adam Lewis, designer of Pulse and Hot Octopuss  co-founder, commented: “For far too long has the sex toy market been all about women. The male market is very limited, leaving many guys no choice but to either steal their girlfriend’s toys or to attempt to fashion their own masturbation device out of everyday objects – we have all seen the movie American Pie. With Pulse I wanted to create something that rivalled the beautiful and technologically advanced toys that are currently available to women. I wanted to create a toy that really worked and that for the first time, men could actually be proud to own. Pulse truly represents a quantum shift for male sex toys and the feedback from both end users and the industry has been phenomenal.”

He added: “To really drive the message home, we created a video that we knew would put a smile on the faces of men all over the world. We sent out a questionnaire to 100 guys and believe it or not, all of the props used in the video were suggestions from people who had at some point in their lives used them as a masturbation aid. Once you have seen the video I am sure you will agree that it was about time someone invented Pulse. There’s a real buzz around the Pulse and we’re very excited to see how it goes down.”

While ETO applauds the concept of the video it was disappointed not to have seen some long overdue recognition for the underwear sections of mail order catalogues and nth generation copies of VHS tapes of foreign language films taped off the telly…