Hop on and enjoy the ride

Posted: November 3, 2016

Motorbunny is the latest motorized ride-on-top vibrator to make its debut, after over 3 years of product development and testing. Described by the Santa Fe-based company as a “straddle-style personal pleasure machine”, it boasts a vibration level of 7000 RPM.  The starter kit comprises the base unit, a “Bunny rest” to lean on during usage and 4 TPE attachments: rub-only, small, medium and large.  There are also additional accessories available to purchase, such as premium silicone attachments and knee pad attachments. There are 2 functions; buzz and twirl, and the company says that each one “goes all the way up to 11”.

“We’re extremely pleased to announce the official launch of Motorbunny, we’re dedicated to innovating new ways to allow people to explore their sexual potential without breaking the bank.” said Craig Mewbourne, spokesperson for MB Technologies. “Motorbunny is simple,” he added, “It replaces similar products for hundreds less, and gives you more attachment options and accessories to play with. The company has only started to scratch the surface of what Motorbunny can do for users and the category as a whole.”

The Motorbunny starter kit retails online for $899USD, or £720 (at the current exchange rate).

For more information, visit www.Motorbunny.com or email caleb@motorbunny.com