Honey I drunk the lube…

Posted: May 31, 2012

Last year we reported on the launch of Bacon Lube and now EpicMealTime has announced another breakthrough in flavoured personal lubricant – Whiskey Dick, lube with a bourbon flavour.

Although we can understand the term ‘whiskey dick’ being used in a disparaging sense, under certain situations, EpicMealTime claims that Whiskey Dick’s distinct Tennessee taste won it a Triple Gold Medal Award at the 10th Annual Great American Sex & Drinking Festival in Bean Station, Tennessee – wait a second, there’s a Sex & Drinking festival? Sadly we have been unable to find out if this actually exists* but if it doesn’t, it should – and if it ever does, ETO will be the first in line to report on it.

Whiskey Dick is a water-based lube and is available now with a retail price of $11.99. For more details visit www.whiskeydicklube.com

*Bean Station, a town of less than 3,000 souls, certainly exists but its Wiki page makes no mention of any sex and drinking festivals and Google results for the phrase ‘American Sex & Drinking Festival’ just bring up mentions of it in relation to Whiskey Dick.