Holland and Barrett opts for Emotional Bliss

Posted: July 20, 2009

The Emotional Bliss range of intimate massagers is now available to purchase on the Holland and Barrett website.

“We believe sexual wellbeing is an important part of general health, so for us it was an obvious choice to stock Emotional Bliss as their values fit with ours,” said Michelle Ingleby of Holland and Barrett. “In addition, the quality, the heating elements and the antibacterial agents makes their product unique and different to anything else out there. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Emotional Bliss.”

Holland and Barrett is the UK’s leading retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements and will feature the Emotional Bliss heat range under its sexual health pages.

“This is a fantastic coup for us. We are over the moon that we are the first company of our kind to be taken up by Holland and Barret online,” said Paul Telford of Emotional Bliss. “It’s brilliant news that a well established and respected British company like Holland and Barrett is supporting Emotional Bliss, a British manufacturer. We couldn’t be happier!”

Created with all women in mind, whatever their age, Emotional Bliss intimate massagers are completely unique in shape and function and have been launched after a five year development period. Using heat technology, the Womolia and the Femblossom are claimed to be the only intimate massagers that heat up during use, all with one click of a button. This function enables the product to gradually heat up to coincide with the speed and frequency of the programme selected, creating an additional pleasurable (and warm) experience.

Both the Womolia and the Femblossom have a variety of nine speeds and frequencies and they are also rechargeable. Emotional Bliss says its products are the only ones that contain a unique antibacterial agent, meaning that after a few minutes of use and after wiping with water, they become sterile again.

More details on the products can be found at www.emotionalbliss.com