Holding out for a Hero: OhMiBod introduces Club Vibe 3.Oh Hero

Posted: September 25, 2017

OhMiBod has launched the Club Vibe 3.Oh Hero remote control wearable vibrator for both men and women. In the tradition of OhMiBod’s line of music-driven massagers, the 3.Oh Hero is designed for comfort and is made of body-safe silicone. It boasts USB rechargeability for both the remote control and the vibe itself and operates wireless range of up to 20 feet (6m).

“We are so proud to welcome the Hero to the Club Vibe family,” said OhMiBod co-founder Suki Dunham of the wireless vibrating plug. “It’s powerful enough to catch a stimulating buzz but quiet enough to not draw attention to yourself!”

Club Vibe 3.Oh Hero features three separate vibration modes: tease (freestyle vibrations with the touch of a button); groove (with five pre-set pulsations); and club, that responds to ambient noises and musical beats.

“The Hero is the next step in the evolution of OhMiBod’s continuing line of exciting interactive toys,” added Dunham. “While previous Club Vibe products were worn externally, the Hero goes deep to create an orgasmic delight. Couples will no doubt enjoy this latest creation and we look forward to hearing our customers’ reactions.”

For more information www.OhMiBod.com