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Hidden Desire for International Fetish Day

Hidden Desire for International Fetish Day

Scala Playhouse is reminding all its customers that tomorrow, January 16th, is International Fetish Day and promoting the firm’s Hidden Desire range of hand-made BDSM products will be the perfect way for retailers to celebrate the annual occasion.

The company said: “International Fetish Day aims to increase awareness and support of the fetish lifestyle and hopes to encourage members of the community to be more open about their sexuality and sexual preferences. Hidden Desire is the perfect choice to show some fetish love; it offers great items like leather masks, high-quality ankle cuffs and a wide range of leather whips. Hidden Desire has something for every BDSM lover out there and makes every day, a fetish day!”

International Fetish Day takes place on the third Friday of January. It began in the UK, as National Fetish Day, in 2008. The Hidden Desire collection can be seen at www.scalaplayhouse.com

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