Heavy metal thunder: anal plugs that do more than just vibrate

Posted: May 28, 2019

XR Brands has announced it is shipping its new Thunderplugs, which the company is touting as the latest innovation in anal pleasure. The silicone plugs vibrate, as you would expect, but they also have other tricks up their respective sleeves, including twirling, thrusting, and swelling.

Waterproof and rechargeable, each plug boasts a five-pattern, three-speed motor which can be operated via a remote control. The line includes the Silicone Vibrating & Squirming Plug, which features vibration and a twirling action; the Silicone Vibrating & Thrusting Plug, with vibration and a thrusting function; and the Silicone Swelling & Thrusting Plug, which offers a swelling sensation as well as thrusting. Each design is equipped with a convenient remote control for easy use.

“Thunderplugs is another step forward for anal stimulation products and we are excited to officially ship the full line to our customers,” XR Brands president Rebecca Weinberg said. “Thunderplugs were a huge hit at the recent trade shows and their debut has been highly anticipated. Today’s savvy adult shoppers are looking for more than simple vibration and search for unique products that can pleasure them in ways few others can, and Thunderplugs offer options for thrusting, swirling, and swelling sensations. We expect Thunderplugs to make a big impression.”

For more information visit www.xrbrands.com or contact your favourite XR Brands distributor.