Heather Mills rejects Private offer

Posted: May 6, 2008

Heather Mills, the ex-wife of Paul McCartney, has rejected overtures from Private Shops to be the new face of the UK’s biggest chain of licensed stores.

She was reportedly offered £100,000 to lead a new marketing campaign by the group, which would have included her modelling fantasy wear and promoting the chain’s other ranges of adult products.

Mills was Private Shops’ first choice for the new campaign, edging out other tabloid headline-huggers Rebecca Loos and Abi Titmus. Private’s research has revealed that more women are now using its shops than ever before and it intends to re-launch its brand with a more female-friendly focus.

Unfortunately Mills turned the offer down, with her PR advisor Michele Elyzabeth claiming the deal was not the right “direction” for her client.

A Private Shops spokesperson said: “We want a strong woman to lead our brand and Heather would have been absolutely perfect. Heather is beautiful, outspoken, has charisma and is clearly a wonderful mother.”

He coyly added: “She is clearly very open-minded and knows all about the sex industry.”