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HarperCollins’ erotica gets handled

HarperCollins’ new range of erotica and erotic romance titles is to be handled by Stunning PR. The agency has been given a 12-month retainer to look after the PR for about 60 titles to be published on HarperCollins’ new eBook imprint; Mischief.

With EL Jame’s Fifty Shades of Grey making headlines, human erotica is the new vampire erotica, and Stunning aim to promote the range on a global basis through a mixture of surveys looking at sexual habits, and stories on the lives of some of the authors.

Director of Stunning PR, Suzanne Noble explained that she was approached for the brief having previously worked with Adam Nevill, editorial director at HarperCollins. She said, “The fact that HarperCollins, a big publisher, is joining the fray with this range of erotic books is an indication of the popularity of the genre. Until now erotica has been dominated by small publishers and self-published authors. With the launch of Mischief, we are looking to raise the quality of what’s out there, not to mention the popularity of erotica in general.”

With a campaign to be targeted mainly at women from their twenties to the silver generation who grew up in the 60s – and have retained an open mind – Noble hopes the 13 Mischief launch tiles, released as eBooks at the end of March, will be joined by four more per month. Among them, vampire erotica novel Red Grow the Roses by Janine Ashbless and A Study in Shame by Lucy Salisbury.

On the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘publishing phenomenon’ – the eBook topped the New York Times bestseller list – it’s been announced that Universal Pictures and Focus Features had secured the film rights to the story.