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Hardcore promoted on This Morning

Pumpkin Films’ star Laura Michaels received unprecedented promotion for her dedicated hardcore website last week when she appeared on ITV’s daytime magazine show This Morning.

She was being interviewed by the hosts under the premise that after a bad break up with her boyfriend she had set up a social networking site called I Need Sex, through which she met and had sex with 35 men in three months.

Laura explained: “It was a modern way of meeting guys, I put up a picture and a description that stated ‘If you like what you see, then contact me and maybe we could meet.’ It was obvious I wasn’t looking for a relationship.”

She added that many of the men she met appeared to be business types, and some even looked like This Morning host Phillip Schofield, though she didn’t think that was a bad thing.

This Morning’s resident agony aunt, Denise Robertson, who could barely contain herself during Laura’s spiel, spent most of the 10 minute slot pleading with Laura to curb her dangerous behaviour: “You’re like a beautiful girl let loose in a sweet shop,” warned the kindly Denise. “The danger is that some of the sweets contain cyanide.”

Denise added that she thought Laura’s behaviour was a form of self-harming, and that she was punishing herself for something, and punishing herself further by broadcasting her lack of morals on national television.

There was no mention of her porn career with Pumpkin Films but Laura did manage to get a huge plug in towards the end. Explaining that the social networking site had since been closed down, she said that she had now set up her own site, www.lauramichaels.net

The existence of this new site obviously came as a surprise to the production team and Schofield was later forced to apologise on air about the plug, saying that the site: “May not be to all viewers’ taste.”

To see the full interview with Laura visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyN5jb8VFvk