Hanx for sharing…

Posted: November 1, 2017

Two British women have formed a luxury vegan condom brand called Hanx. Investment banker Farah Kabir and gynaecologist Sarah Welsh felt that the brands and styles on the market were often ‘garish and baffling’, and that while there was a steep rise in sexually transmitted infections, embarrassment about the purchase of prophylactics was still incredibly commonplace.

The first step for the company was to conduct a UK survey, comprising 1,800 women and 200 men. The results were then used to create the marketing plan and condom design specifications. According to the survey, 73% of women would be more likely to buy condoms if they were discreet, which made Hanx decide to launch a new brand of condom that could become a cult handbag item.

Each slim, discreet white Hanx box contains three individually wrapped condoms in matte foil packaging. The condoms are made from ‘ultra-thin, vegan, 100% natural, fair trade latex’. According to the company, the natural latex used means that the product is without the traditionally rubbery scent that has been associated with condoms for many years.

Sarah Welsh, co-founder of Hanx, said: “Hanx makes it the norm for women, as well as men, to carry condoms. As a woman you don’t know what the man wants or what is right for you. We’re a product led by women for women. The male condom is the single most effective contraceptive that protects against sexually transmitted infections. We should feel comfortable buying, carrying and using them – finally feeling proud to care for our sexual health. Hanx is a lifestyle brand that is changing behaviours and ultimately creating a movement among both women and men”

For more information visit www.hanxofficial.com