GWD launches V-XL Gum with special offer for retailers

Posted: February 1, 2017

Global Wholesale Distribution has launched new formula V-XL Gum and it is offering retailers a generous introductory special offer. V-XL Gum is intended to help males who have difficulties with sexual performance regain their confidence and stamina in the bedroom, the company said, as well as those that just wish to have more fun.

“Male sexual performance issues are one of the most commonly cited reasons for depression and poor health,” the company said. “Performance anxiety strikes the male psyche hard and countless men look for answers in both supplements and standard pharmaceuticals.”

GWD says its new formula V-XL Gum could be the answer to improving libido and sexual performance. The product contains a number of proprietary herbs and minerals designed to increase blood flow and improve testosterone levels and, because it comes in gum format, GWD says the ingredients are more quickly disbursed through the body, letting them go to work much more quickly.

Free samples of V-XL Gum are available so that their clients will have the opportunity to experience how the Herba Epimedii and testosterone boosters in the gum improve both libido and stamina, and GWD says the product is all-natural and safe to use with alcoholic beverages.

“We believe this product will revolutionise how performance enhancers are used,” said company spokesperson Lesley Kavanagh. “V-XL Gum is far more discreet than taking a pill and it also acts more quickly because the ingredients are immediately absorbed through the mouth into the bloodstream.”

V-XL Gum comes in individual boxes of four pieces of gum which are contained in a display sleeve of ten boxes. Retailers who spend over £/€200 will be eligible for an extra sleeve and retail display free of charge. Contact GWD for more information or to place an order.

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