Greece is the word for Sexpo

Posted: October 7, 2008

Australian health, lifestyle and sexuality event Sexpo is heading for Greece. The four day event has toured Australia for 11 years, attracting nearly 2m visitors in that time and becoming the most popular exhibition of its kind.

It recently debuted in South Africa, where it received 32,000 visitors at the Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg. With no previous exhibition experience, Silas Howarth decided that there was no sense in ‘reinventing the wheel’ and approached Sexpo Australia’s David Ross for information about holding the event into South Africa. Several months later, a license agreement was signed and the South African event staged within the year.

Howarth commented: “We are extremely pleased at how well our first South African event turned out, and attribute the phenomenal success to our partnership with Sexpo Australia. We have enjoyed a fantastic working relationship with David Ross and his team and have benefited considerably from their unrelenting support. The deal between our companies was handled most professionally and I have little doubt that having the backing of such a credible global brand and being able to make use of David’s considerable experience and fine-tuned marketing tactics has enabled us to stage a far larger and more successful first event than if we had tried to emulate the process from scratch, and will further help our planned rapid expansion in this country.”

Sexpo began in Melbourne, Australia in 1996 as a forum for women to feel comfortable about buying adult products. The event has expanded into a broad ‘adult lifestyle’ exhibition and maintains strong female patronage (44%+) and now visits five major Australian, and three South African cities each year. The next event will be staged in Melbourne between November 15th and 18th.

“Sexpo plays an important role in encouraging people to openly talk about sex, explore health and lifestyle issues and be more comfortable about their sexuality,” commented Sexpo founder David Ross. “Both visitors and exhibitors at Sexpo have benefited considerably in Australia and we are very excited to be taking this winning formula to Greece. Melbourne has a large Greek population and many attend our events. We see no reason why Greek nationals will not flock to the same event in their homeland.”

Sexpo Greece is expected to attract 40,000 visitors.

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