Great Expectations for E-Stim Systems

Posted: February 22, 2016

London’s Expectations store played host to E-Stim Systems on February 12th for an evening of deals and demos. The underground shop, east of Old Street tube station, received a makeover last year. E-Stim Systems were at that relaunch and had been invited back for an evening  of ‘stimulating conversation’, discounts and new products to prove the electro-sex market is anything but static…

ETO popped its head around the door and E-Stim Systems MD Wayne Allen said: “Our new Penis Plugs and MicroSounds are here.  We’d a number of customers who liked the idea of penis sounds, but were intimidated by seven inches of steel to be inserted into their cock. That inspired the shorter, 75mm [approx 3”] versions we’re launching at this event today, and the penis plugs are a further derivative of those. They’ve a large head so can’t be inserted deeper than about 50mm, or two inches. They target sensation at the very end of the penis, inside the glans, at the most sensitive spots. The latter has a diamond-tapered head to help hold it in position, or if the user has a foreskin, that can be rolled forward to retain it. Because both designs are much lighter than our ‘full sized’ Sounds and UltraSounds, we couldn’t simply reply on weight to hold them in place. Available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and hefty 12mm diameters for the MicroSounds, and small, medium and large for the Penis Plugs, they all have industry-standard 4mm sockets and are covered by our lifetime guarantee. Retail on the Penis Plugs is around £35, and the MicroSounds run from £29 to £32ish, depending on diameter.”

We assumed the smaller electrodes packed a reduced punch, but Wayne was quick to correct us: “The reduced surface area of the smaller sounds actually means they’ve the potential to be very intense, as the same amount of current is passing through smaller areas of contact. With sounding play in general, intensity is what consumers are looking for, so we expect them to be big sellers. Especially into the developing female market, as obviously, they only need a shorter product for urethra e-stim.”

With a refreshed display cabinet of E-Stim lines, a 20% off promotion running for the evening, and a butt-zappin’ demo drawing attention, sales on the night were, in Wayne’s words, “very healthy, thank you!”

Expectations isn’t the only retailer to get the personal treatment from the company though. “We went into Nice ‘n’ Naughty stores about nine months ago, adding a couple of branches each month as we went in to do staff training, stock them and do their displays,” Allen said. “It’s been a good, growing relationship for us. As a chain they’re very focused on customer care, have a low staff turn-over – which helps us as we don’t have to keep going back to do retraining – and have a central heartland ‘up north’ [E-Stim is based in Watford], all of which is great for us. Their style of dealing with customers matches our approach. It’s about building a relationship, not just looking at the bottom line. It’s working for us as service is so important with products like these.”

With an eye on the future, he teased: “We’ve lots in the pipeline, but you’ll have to wait for the big unveiling at the ETO Show in June.”