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Grab a grand’s worth of Pipedream products

Grab a grand's worth of Pipedream products

Now the weather is getting colder, Pipedream Products is giving away $1,000 worth of sex toys to keep its customers warm during the holiday season – and all they have to do to be in with a chance of winning them is to click a few links.


If they ‘like’ Pipedream’s Facebook page, share it with friends, then comment on the official giveaway post they will be entered for a chance to win a $1,000 Pipedream shopping spree. Pipedream is keen to hear its customers’ tales, whether it’s about the weirdest holiday gift they’ve ever received or their kinkiest XXXmas adventure.


Pipedream is well known for products which have a Christmas air to them, from their Icicles range to their Fetish Fantasy Series Xmas Plush Cuff Set, and whatever their customers’ preference, they will get a whole grand to spend on any item from any Pipedream line.


Keep up with future Pipedream giveaways, news, and products by reading the company’s blog, or following the firm on Twitterand Tumblr. Distributors and customers alike can take advantage of Pipedream’s social media as a way to directly correspond with the firm with questions and suggestions. Not happy about a toy? Let them know via Facebook or email and they’ll find something new that’s just right for you. Fancy the opportunity to review sex toysTweet to inquire about free toys for review.