Gotta Pok-ém all!

Posted: July 13, 2016

Popular porn site YouPorn has given Pokémon Go its very own gym badge. If you are familiar with the now ubiquitous game, you’ll know that you can obtain badges by defeating gym leaders, and YouPorn has awarded the aptly named Wood Badge to Nintendo, for accomplishing the seemingly impossible task of supplanting ‘porn’  as a top search term.

Pokémon Go was released last week and has already become the biggest app in both Apple and Android stores. Nintendo has also seen its web traffic increase, achieving figures that it hadn’t seen since the early days of the internet in 1983. The sheer volume of players has ensured the repeated crashing of Nintendo’s servers.

YouPorn, which is currently celebrating 10 years as a source of free online porn, professes to be “proud to give this badge for such a brilliant and crafty game”.