Global release for Intensity

Posted: December 7, 2011

Jopen – the luxury arm of California Exotic Novelties – has announced that its revolutionary Intensity is now shipping worldwide. Intensity was developed from an item created by a team of medical professionals for a completely different purpose—to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscle – and while it still offers that benefit it has now evolved into a pleasure product.

“We’re all excited to officially roll out the first Intensity products so they can get into the hands of consumers,” said Susan Colvin, CEO of Jopen. “People have been asking for—begging for—Intensity for months. We are thrilled to deliver an item that can provide sexual wellness and pleasure like nothing else on the market.”

Jopen marketing director Al Bloom added: “As the medical team tested their first prototype they discovered that women reported incredible pleasure as a side effect. They realised they had much more than a product that would strengthen Kegel muscles, it was also capable of delivering satisfaction. They brought the concept to the all-women product development team at Jopen. The result of the collaboration is Intensity—a product that can both strengthen the Kegel muscle essential to a woman’s health and which has the potential to create intense pleasure.”

To help empower and educate women about Kegel exercises, sexual wellness, and Intensity, Jopen has introduced the Intensity Insider Programme. This gives women a positive online resource that educates them about aspects of sexual wellness.

Desiree Duffie, director of public relations for Jopen, said: “Women sometimes feel uncomfortable talking about sexual wellness issues. We want them to have a place where they feel comfortable and can get the valuable information they need. Becoming an Intensity Insider is a step toward empowerment for many women.”

The Intensity Insider website can be found at