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Give Pleasure Products launches Cheeky Wash and Expandable Wipes

Give Pleasure Products – formerly known as Give Lube – has announced the release of Cheeky Wash, a personal hygiene body wash. First shown at eroFame, the product was developed in conjunction with a fellow Gloucestershire company. Other versions are already used in the NHS and MOD but the adult formulation has been tweaked to make it antibacterial and fragrance-free for use on intimate areas.

Cheeky Wash is paraben-free, pH balanced and alcohol-free and is said to be ideal for when a wash or a freshen up is needed but there is no access to water. As such the product is particularly suitable for secret liaisons and quickies – and as it is unfragranced the user will not smell of soap afterwards. Give Pleasure Products say it even makes a great sex toy cleaner.

Accompanying Cheeky Wash are Expandable Wipes. Packed in fours, the wipes are around the size of a stack of four 1p coins, making them extremely portable, and they can be used for any cleaning purpose. Adding water or a few drops of Cheeky Wash to the wipes will result in them ‘magically morphing’ into a 30cm x 22cm durable moist towel.

The branding of both products is not overtly erotic so they can also be used for outside sports activities, make-up removal, freshen ups for the home, car, shed or garage use or packed as camping and festival essentials.

Give Pleasure Products MD Nigel Powell said: “We’re very excited about these cheeky little products. The uses are endless. The wash is a proper anti-bacterial wash without the need for water, making them more effective than standard freshen up wipes. The tiny little compressed tablet-type wipes should be in women’s handbags everywhere. They are small, portable and dry, fitting easily into the pocket, rucksack, sports bag or glove compartment. The magical way the wipes expand on contact with liquid makes it like a new, must-have gadget and we think it’s probably the first ever cleaning product to actually be really cool to own.”

The Cheeky Wash bottles are 65ml and the suggested retail price is £4.99. The Expandable Wipes come in packs of four and nine, with suggested retail prices of £1.49 and £2.99. Retailers are supported with countertop display units and space maximising vertical display strips.

Speaking of the change of company name, Powell said the new brand identity allows the firm to extend into other product sectors, such as Cheeky Wash: “Changing the company name supports the structure that we want for future developments as we look to add additional pleasure products and those under the ‘Give’ branding and ethos,” he said. “Give Lube is still a key, ETO award-winning brand and will keep the standalone website of www.givelube.co.uk . We also have a new website under development at www.givepleasure.co.uk.”

For more information contact Give Pleasure Products on 01452 223055 or email [email protected]