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Give Lube rebrands as Give Pleasure

Give Lube rebrands as Give Pleasure

Give Lube, has changed its company name to Give Pleasure Products Limited to allow the brand to expand into additional pleasure product categories. The Gloucester based company has achieved a lot in its first few years, using very simple branding and a small range of personal lubricant products aimed at young British couples in the 18-30 age bracket.

“Changing the company name supports the structure that we want for future developments as we look to add additional pleasure products and those under the ‘give’ branding and ethos,” said Give Pleasure Products managing director, Nigel Powell. “Give Lube is still a key, ETO award winning brand and will keep the stand alone website of www.givelube.co.uk. We also have a new website under development.”

Give Lube were given special honours by ETO editor, Dale Bradford, in the first Editors Choice Award to acknowledge the impressive impact the brand has made in the UK’s adult industry. “The company I have chosen is relatively new, they’ve come into a crowded and very competitive marketplace but they’ve won a lot of friends and they work harder on social media than anyone I know,” said Bradford. “They have quickly become part of the industry and I would like to present the first Editor’s Award to Give Lube”.”

The Give Lube website at givelube.co.uk is still active, while a new website, givepleasure.co.uk has been created in anticipation of a broader product offering.