Give Lube goes thicker

Posted: April 3, 2012

Give Lube has announced that it has enhanced its Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel and the lube is now made to a thicker formula. Give Lube’s Nigel Powell explained: “We’ve had several product reviews done over the last few months and what is not in doubt is the long-lasting, all round quality and skin-kind features of the product. Some however did think that the lube was a little thin. In response to customer and review feedback, an improved Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel is now available. There are no changes to the packaging or the ingredients, there is just a slightly higher proportion of an already present thickening ingredient. So it’s still completely skin-kind and CE marked to prove it. It has been thoroughly tested and is brilliant for all uses.”

Give Lube has also defended its choice of Megasol as the brand’s lube manufacturer. Powell explained: “A small percentage of people, particularly in English speaking countries, perceive our choice of manufacturer in a negative light for our brand and I’d like to address that. On a few occasions over the last few months I’ve heard such things as ‘it’s just a Megasol product’, said in a context to suggest that it was inferior to others. Yes they have made our product for us and we’re actually very proud of that and to be associated with them. This German company are the original lube pioneers and the true inventors of the world’s first silicone lube and were the first to receive CE certification. Other larger companies have tried to copy their products in the past – it would be referred to as identity theft nowadays – but now they have their products mass produced in other parts of Germany and Holland, to a lower quality standard. Yet because they are good marketers nothing is questioned about their origin.”

He continued: “Megasol may not be the best marketers in the world and because of this they are sometimes overlooked. They are so understated and, to some, appear misunderstood. Consumers grow more and more quality conscious and care about what they are putting on and in their bodies. We care too. Megasol and Give Lube products are manufactured using high quality ingredients, are paraben-free, glycerin-free and contain additional skin care ingredients. With their quality, pedigree and pioneering approach they were the obvious and only choice for us.”

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