Give Lube gives you Silicone+

Posted: July 16, 2012

Give Lube has recently introduced the second product in its lubetube range, Silicone+, following its trade debut at the ETO Show on the Net 1on1 stand.


The arrival was initially delayed as Give Lube decided not to include the originally planned Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Give Lube MD Nigel Powell explained that the additional ingredients would have had a slight effect on the lube’s glide properties: “This lube is 100% premium silicone and provides the ultimate in glide quality,” he said. “It is based on a proven formulation from the original and true silicone lube inventors, so we didn’t want to compromise that in any way and decided not to include the additional ingredients. We loved the name Silicone+ so we kept that, after all we feel it is the best quality and longest lasting. It is like lube and more, so Silicone+ is more than appropriate for the name and is one that customers will remember.”


Give Lube say that Silicone+ is a special blend of three high quality, medical grade silicones. It is CE marked, dermatologically tested, free from preservatives, oil free and unscented, and is flavourless, colourless and odourless. Silicone+ is available in two sizes, 100ml and a 30ml ‘mini’ version for those on the go. The original ‘neutral’ design of the packaging has been maintained and Give Lube says this is attracting enquiries from mainstream retailers in addition to its core customer base.


Nigel Powell continued: “We have a strong brand ethos that numerous trade customers, end consumers, sex toy manufacturers, journalists and product reviewers have warmed to, and it’s an ethos that encourages brand loyalty. More and more trade customers are acknowledging this and we’re adding new stockists each day. We also have sex toy manufacturers that want to work with us and we’ve recently started supplying a well-known penis pump manufacturer and our lubes will be going out, as a dual-branded lube, with their products to several countries across the globe. This move from manufacturers doesn’t surprise us.  You wouldn’t buy a Mercedes and put oil from a budget supermarket in it would you? We’ve personally already seen it from sex toy reviewers, but manufacturers are also starting to recognise the importance and benefits of being associated with a high quality lube brand.”


Retailers of Give Lube products receive sales support in the form of pay per click advertising, a strong and growing social media presence, brochures and flyers for inclusion with other products sold and, for online sellers, a range of eye-catching banners which can be tailored to match the retailers own site branding.


For retailers able to buy direct, Silicone+ is available with a minimum order of just 24 bottles. For those who don’t hold stock Give Lube products are available via dropship from both Net 1on1 and SexShop365. Give Lube is also looking to expand into international markets and would be interested to hear from established retailers and distributors outside of the UK. For more information email