GG&G now offering SenseMax products

Posted: December 1, 2017

GG&G has announced it has been appointed official UK distributor for SenseMax Intimate Lifestyle products. Initially GG&G will be offering the SenseVibe, a clitoral and G-spot stimulator and the SenseVibe Warm – the former is available in turquoise and black and the latter in red. Both products come with an array of features and technological advances, says GG&G, including the ergonomically shaped and flexible ‘yoga neck’, seamless waterproof design, two quiet but powerful motors, and eight intense sensations. “It is an incredibly soft, modern looking design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional,” the firm said. “The attention to design is further highlighted in the stylish wireless charging box which is both discreet and hygienic. The SenseVibe Warm is even more special, featuring the additional ability to quickly heat up to 43°C, while its exquisite design saw it awarded a prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design as well as picking up a Platinum A’Design Award.”

Following EroFame, GG&G’s Clive Gore said: “We have been looking to link up with a truly unique toy company for some time and, after surveying the various opportunities available in Hannover, it was clear that only one company ‘ticked all the boxes’ for us. In my 40 years in this business, I’ve never seen such a ‘standout’ debut from a new toy company.”

GG&G’s Neil Goldsmith added: “The SenseVibe is everything a consumer could want from a high-end intimate lifestyle product. It has a wealth of features and the attention to detail is evident in all areas from the packaging and promotional materials to the product itself. SenseMax’s Sense Ecosystem virtual and interactive platform created a real buzz amongst our customers who visited Hannover and we are proud to be able to offer the SenseMax range to our customers.”

SenseMax’s Eric Zhang said: “At SenseMax, we believe the intimate experience hasn’t changed in years so we decided to leverage our backgrounds in the tech and the intimate lifestyle sectors to bring a fresh and fun brand, and what we call the Intimate Experience 3.0 to the market. By blending emerging technologies, like VR, with beautiful and functionally designed products, we believe we can truly expand the possibilities for intimate experiences. We are beyond thrilled to be partnering and working with an industry leader like GG&G to bring SenseMax and the Intimate Experience 3.0 to the UK.

GG&G’s Matthew Gore concluded: “While many will be keen to stock SenseVibe in time for Christmas we can say that this is only the beginning. SenseMax is an extremely innovative company and we also look forward to introducing you to future products that make up the Sense Ecosystem in 2018.”

Both products are available now. For more information call GG&G on 01675 467044 or email