Getting ready for July

Posted: June 9, 2008

I’d better start with an apology for not updating this blog sooner, but in mitigation m’lud, there has been a lot going on at ETO over the past month or so and we’re now gearing up for our biggest issue of the year.

In addition to a comprehensive preview of next month’s ETO Show, the July issue of ETO will be packed with features which I won’t list here as it will scare me when I see just how much still needs to be done on them. But think Passion feedback, interviews with one of the UK’s leading sex toy brands and the new MD of one of the highest profile disties and much much more.

Since this site was launched around two months ago we’ve been delighted with how well it’s been received within the trade. After the news pages, the Gallery has been the most popular section followed by ETO Online – where over 2,000 people read the latest issue in their browser – and ETO Recommends, which lists the best stores our Mystery Shopper has visited since the feature began running in the magazine.

The next most popular section has been, predictably, the voting for July’s Adult Industry Awards. It’s been fascinating to see the votes accumulate online and although there are still a few weeks to go until voting closes, there are already some names in certain categories which have built up a considerable lead and will take some shifting.

If you haven’t voted yet, you’ve got until the end of June to make your voice heard – but please note that you will need to register your details with the site first, to ensure the voting process is as fair as it possibly can be.

Finally, it was moving to see the many messages of condolence that were added to our news story on the sad death of Dave Cottee last month. I can’t claim to have known Dave well but on the few occasions our paths crossed I was struck by what a genuinely nice bloke he was. As several people said, the industry is a poorer place without him but I hope his family can take some comfort from the fact that he was so obviously loved by so many who knew him.