‘Get it on’ with free guide to research

Posted: November 5, 2009

Love Bytes Research, the specialist consultancy providing commercially focused sex and relationship insight, has published a free guide to research within the adult sector. The guide, titled Let’s Get It On, provides an introduction to marketing research, key processes and techniques, and also some invaluable pointers for companies considering conducting research themselves.

Brian Gray, Love Bytes’ Head of Research – and author of the guide – explained why the guide was produced: “Wherever there are customers or prospects, there’s always a need for research. Gut instinct alone won’t cut the mustard when it comes to understanding what people are thinking, and the subsequent impact on brand or company performance.

“It’s therefore essential that companies in the sector are aware of how research can help business decision-making, and also that research is demystified to what it really is, simply ‘finding out stuff’ – albeit commercially important ‘stuff’ – in a logical, sensible, and comprehensive manner.”

To receive a copy of Let’s Get It On, or to find out more about Love Bytes Research services, visit www.lovebytesresearch.com