Fresh looks from Mapalé at New Temptations

Posted: April 13, 2016

The new Mapalé catalogue is available now from New Temptations. The UK distributor highlighted one particular style, enthusing: “Romantic roses in vivid red tones stand out on this sheer black mesh teddy that is sure to awaken his passion. The V-neckline and arm and leg openings are lined with wet look black fabric, adding a tempting texture to the design. The Mapalé design team have really outdone themselves for season 2016/2017 and there really is something for everyone. If you haven’t got your Mapalé catalogue yet your customers are really missing out on this season’s fresh looks.”

To request a catalogue email or call the company on 0161 480 6204.

And if you’ve ever wondered how to pronounce the word Mapalé, a short video of the brand’s models enunciating it can be seen at

As for what it means, the company itself says: “What is Mapalé? Frantic percussion, a quick pace, and movements that defy human nature. These are the characteristics of the dance that is Mapalé. They embody the passion and sensuality found in cultures all across the globe, with a specific influence from the beauty and serenity of an ocean wave flowing onto the shores of the South Beach. The word Mapalé carries with it a duality that allows a woman to express herself throughout the different parts of her day. Mapalé Lingerie represents the sensual and erotic side while Mapalé resort presents a trendier everyday style. The accent found in the word Mapalé carries with it the same pace that derives from its inspiration. The tempo can be felt when we hear ourselves saying Ma-Pa-Le. Mapalé is both a historical merger and an evolution that captures the essence of Espiral Lingerie and AM:PM. The result of the transformation is a stronger unified brand that appeals to a global community.”