FP Adult and System Jo to sponsor ETO Notworking Event

Posted: April 26, 2018

ETO’s ‘Notworking’ summer party is being sponsored by adult industry insurance specialists FP Adult, and System Jo will be sponsoring the drinks reception. The ETO Notworking event in association with FP Adult will be staged on the evening of Thursday July 5th at the top of the Tower in Blackpool. The date marks the 15th anniversary of the first issue of ETO hitting UK subscribers, and the winners of the 2018 ETO Awards will be revealed during the evening. There are also plans for an after-party at one of Blackpool’s more salubrious nightspots.

FP Adult is already a familiar name to many in the UK industry, having been established in the 1990s after the founders became aware of the difficulties ‘adult’ firms experienced obtaining insurance. “Many insurers shy away from adult risks due to little understanding in what they are insuring and the fact they regard as a moral hazard,” said Kelly Vincent, FP Adult’s business development manager. “Our specialist scheme insurers are in tune with the industry and have a flexible approach when underwriting the risk. We like to think of ourselves as the ‘original’ adult industry insurance supplier and this is recognised by insurers which helps when arranging policies.”

FP Adult covers all areas of the adult market, from retail, wholesale, manufacturing and entertainment risks. “We can even cater for those who derive an income from the USA or Canada or who place products into these countries which many insurers are adverse to,” said Kelly.

FP Adult’s longevity and familiarity has, the firm believes, resulted in it becoming ‘part of the industry’ to many businesses: “Insurance is a necessary evil when protecting your assets and income therefore it is imperative we exist,” said Kelly. “Nobody wants it but everyone needs it in our eyes, so we make the process of arranging insurance as quick and painless as possible. Sponsoring events like this and the ETO Christmas Drinks increases our knowledge of what is going on in the industry, helps us to understand who our clients’ suppliers are, and keeps us up to date with the new products all of which enable us to tailor our policies to our clients’ needs. We are able to establish new business relationships and spread the word of what we do.”

Kelly last visited Blackpool as a child, when she competed in dance competitions in the ballroom and got stuck on the Pepsi Max ride when it was making its ascent. “It was the worst 30 minutes of my life, especially as I am scared of heights!” she said. “This time I’m looking forward to getting together with some of our existing clients for a catch up, making new friends and the possibility of forming new working relationships. It is sure to be an amazing event and no doubt the view from the top of the tower will be spectacular!”

Tickets for the ETO Notworking Event in association with FP Adult cost £25 (+VAT) each and can be obtained by calling the ETO production office on 01767 601040. For further information click here or email party@erotictradeonly.com

For more information about FP Adult or for a quotation call 01425 486574.


Please note: there are no other sponsorship opportunities at this event.