Fox news: big discounts on furry tail plugs at Net 1on1

Posted: May 31, 2017

Following the successful introduction of Precious Metals, its jewelled anal plug brand, Net 1on1 will launch Furry Fantasy, a range of metal butt plugs with bushy bunny and fox tail designs, at the end of June. The products feature realistic faux-fur tails and will be available in two colours – white which, for the more squeamish, will feature the smallest and lightest plug at 55 grams, and black with a medium plug option. The same 92 grams plug will be available for the red fox tail, while the black version will be suitable for more experienced anal players with a weight of 265 grams. Net 1on1 believes the range will have mainstream appeal and early interest in Furry Fantasy has already exceeded the company’s expectations.

Net 1on1 head buyer Danielle Warn said: “We like to keep our finger on the adult industry’s pulse and sniff out trends as they emerge. Our launch of Impound couldn’t have been timed better as male chastity has taken off massively nationwide. We are still riding the waves of the pegging phenomenon with Simply Strapless as well, which was one of our most successful additions to the catalogue this year. Similarly, we were aware that puppy play and animal role play in general has been accumulating some momentum for a while now, so we did not hesitate for a moment when we first saw these beautiful, cute and bushy tail plugs.”

She continued: “Of course, quality was a very important factor to make sure Furry Fantasy can stand side by side with the jewelled Precious Metals, but we also wanted to make sure that our customers can get the most out of this range, so we are offering margins of up to 60%-70%. Retailers will appreciate the choice between the beginner and advanced options and the range will looks stunning in any glass display case on shop floors. We’ve only been showing the plugs around in a very limited circle so far and I have to say, there must be something irresistibly enticing about them because everyone reacted with adoration and fondness. The only question now is: who becomes a predator and who will be the prey?”

Net 1on1:

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