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Form 3 from Jimmyjane

Jimmyjane has launched Form 3, a new touch-directed vibrator. It is the second in the company’s Pleasure to the People series of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators designed by industrial designer Yves Béhar and Jimmyjane founder Ethan Imboden.

Form 3’s slim, curved profile and ultra-thin membrane were designed to flex and meet the body – pressing the centre makes the soft silicone touchpad extend, enabling the user to focus the vibration exactly where desired.

“Yves and I focused on making this design exceptionally intuitive,” said Imboden. “It fits in the hand naturally, moves with the body and disappears into the experience. If you feel like sharing, it’s slim enough to nestle between two bodies, working wonders for all involved.”

“No one had high expectations of the design and functionality of their sexual products until Jimmyjane came along,” said Béhar. “Form 3 is an excellent example of how innovation can transform experience – it features an ultra-thin membrane that distorts under pressure, making tactile contact and local vibration uniquely adaptable.”

The product has a three year warranty and carries a suggested retail price of £101.50. Further details can be found at www.jimmyjane.com