Flight club: Lee Schofield in sponsored skydive for local hospice

Posted: June 20, 2019

ETO publisher Lee Schofield has decided to jump out of a plane. Anyone who has been forced to sit next to him on a budget flight after he’s had several Egg McMuffins will have wanted to do the same, but Lee will not be escaping the toxic effects of intestinal gas expelled through the anus, he will be doing a sponsored tandem skydive for Trinity Fylde Hospice, which provides compassionate care and support to patients and families on the Fylde Coast.

The event is scheduled to take place on 6th July 2019, and Lee will be leaping from 10,000 feet.

“You only live once, so obviously the next logical step in my life path is to lob myself out of a plane,” he said. “It’s for a great local cause which is very close to my heart, so get your hands in your pockets, please. No donation is too small, but please consider I am actually jumping out of a plane!”

You can donate to this very worthy cause at https://bit.ly/2WTrhpt