Flex appeal: Tenga launches new reusable pleasure device

Posted: June 6, 2017

Tenga has launched its latest male masturbation device, Flex. It consists of an external case and a separate internal sleeve that can be removed for washing and drying. The item’s cap also functions as a hygienic drying stand. The company states that Flex’s outer casing is unique, as it is made of a new malleable material that holds its form, but is still soft and flexible. This is said to allow for both direct control of stimulation by pressing and squeezing, plus it adds an all-new spiralling movement. Covering the air hole at the end of the item during use creates an internal vacuum, resulting in a twisting motion when the item moves.

There are two Tenga Flex models, Silky White and Rocky Black, and each sports different internal details and material strengths. For more information contact your favourite Tenga distributor or visit www.tenga-global.com/products/flex