Fleshlight immortalises Tanya

Posted: March 22, 2012

Tanya Tate is continuing her rise to porn stardom by having a special Fleshlight model released in her honour. She said: “When I first came into the adult industry I quickly became aware of the Fleshlight brand. It became a goal of mine to someday have my own Fleshlight, and work with the company that has an enormous popularity with the fans, produces high-end products and represents an incredible calibre of stars. Now that my own Fleshlight is a reality, fans can really have me in the palm of their hands and have an intimate Tanya Tate experience. The attention to detail and quality in a Fleshlight is unmatched. I’m very proud to be a Fleshlight girl and look forward to making sure all my fans know they can now have my pussy anytime they want.”

Fleshlight has also recently announced that to fulfil demand for its products from European countries the firm has opened a new production plant in Seville, Spain.

“It’s another exciting step for the company,” said Fleshlight founder Steven Shubin. “Producing in Europe makes our company so much more flexible in the way we meet the needs of our customers. We can offer our customers better shipping prices and a faster way to get their Fleshlight. We want people all over Europe to be able to get all of our products, just like our main market, the United States.”

The new production plant in Spain already has 49 employees and produces 94% of the products demanded from European countries. For more information, visit Fleshlight.com