Flamingo dancing at ABS

Posted: February 4, 2016

ABS Holdings is now stocking the Magic Motion Flamingo, which it describes as a unique vibrator for hands free pleasure which can be used anywhere – from the bedroom to the office or even outdoors!

“This discreet vibrator features a swan design with a curvy body and a curved neck,” said ABS Holdings. “It’s ergonomically designed, making the most of the natural shape of your body. This vibe is covered in silicone for a smooth finish and the unique Flamingo app gives you incredible sensation. The app works with voice control as well as music and also works as a Kegel training assistant. This app is a real multi-tasker and we love the fact that it vibrates according to surrounding sound. This wearable vibrator pushes the boundaries of partner and solo play.”

ABS Holdings:

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[E] sales@absholdings.com

[W] www.absholdings.com