Fetish by Gun Oil targets latex, rubber and fetish enthusiasts

Posted: August 24, 2016

Empowered Products has announced the launch of Fetish by Gun Oil Silicone Dressing Aid and Garment Conditioner. The US brand says its new product is the richest, longest-lasting, and most luxurious silicone dressing aid and garment conditioner available today for latex, rubber and fetish enthusiasts.  It is available now in 2oz/59mL, 4oz/120mL and 8oz/237mL flip-top bottles with induction seals.

Empowered Products says its Gun Oil has long been a favourite lubricant in the fetish and kink communities, but Gun Oil Silicone couldn’t be used as a dressing aid because it contains Vitamin E which can degrade the bindings on latex products. “We conducted extensive research in our labs on what enthusiasts wanted and products they used as dressing aids, and created a three-molecule silicone blend that is superior to other products because of the ratios of the different-sized silicone molecules,” said Mark Olson, vice president of sales and marketing for Empowered products. “Fetish by Gun Oil is a full-bodied, ultra-slick formula that only needs to be applied once, and lasts all night without any gaps or stickiness.”

Olson continued: “To be certain we had a winner, we conducted blind tests of our products against competing products with latex and fetish enthusiasts, cam models, bloggers and fetish retailers nationwide. The results were crystal clear – Fetish by Gun Oil was rated the best.”

Prices are said to be 10 to 20% below competitive offerings. For more information contact Martijn Post Uiterweer on +31 6 417 221 80 or email martijn@empoweredproducts.com