Fellowship of the rings: ABS adds more Perfect Fit lines

Posted: May 25, 2017

ABS Holdings has expanded its range of Perfect Fit items and the distributor’s portfolio now includes Xact Fit cock rings, cock and ball rings, and the 2.25 inch Cruiser Ring in black, clear and blue. The Xact Fit cock rings are available in four sets of three rings each: Medium, Large, X-Large and a Mix.

“This means that you can now find your perfect fit more easily as each pack contains three rings that are in a similar range when it comes to size,” said ABS.

The packs contain sizes #14,#17, #20 (Mixed), #14, #15, #16 (Medium),  #17, #18, #19 (Large), and #20, #21, #22 (X-Large). “Xact Fit ring sizes are just 0.1 inches apart and there are 14 sizes in total, allowing you to get a closer fit that suits your body perfectly,” said ABS. “These penis rings are made from a soft touch, plush silicone that feels amazing against your skin. Each ring isn’t too stretchy, but is much more pliable than a metal ring, keeping the feel firm for maximum results. We’ve also added the Cock and Ball Ring and Stretcher to our collection in black, clear, blue and green. This cock and ball ring and stretcher has a gentle but firm hold and adds extra weight to your balls for a pleasurable tug. This toy gives him a firmer erection that lasts longer and delivers extra sensation where it counts, while the Cruiser Ring has a beefy design and is made from super stretchy Silaskin – a blend of TPR and silicone – that allows you to wear it comfortably. This ring is more effective than your usual cock ring and really adds extra intensity to sex with its gentle squeeze and effective, firm hold.”

ABS Holdings:

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