Feline good: new additions to Bad Kitty collection

Posted: November 28, 2016

Orion Wholesale appears to have been inspired by an old German idiom with the latest additions to its Bad Kitty collection.  The expression ‘Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere’ could be seen as apt for the new bondage sets, chokers, collars, and sex toys.

“Kicking over the traces and letting yourself in for lustful games—that is what the wide range of sex toys and bondage products by Bad Kitty stands for,” the company said. “The modern and playful assortment is ideally suited for beginners to learn about a very special side of passion. All products are of high quality and impress with their outstanding cost effectiveness. The new bondage sets delight with classy designs, noble appearance, and pleasant wearing comfort. New chokers and collars are another highlight—made of leather, plastics, or metal depending on the model. Numerous accessories and sex toys for experimental love plays complete the assortment’s extension.”

For further information contact Darker Enterprises, Orion’s UK distribution partner.

Darker Enterprises:

[T] 020 8114 1004

[E] ron@thamesroad.co.uk

[W] www.darkerenterprises.co.uk