How do I get nominated for an ETO Award?

Posted: March 12, 2014

Go to, click on the appropriate banner and make your nominations in the categories which you are interested in (you don’t have to nominate in every one). The five products, companies and people which receive the most nominations will become this year’s finalists. They will be revealed in the May issue of ETO and the whole of our readership will then be invited to choose the winners from each shortlist. To ensure the whole process is as fair as possible we do ask that you register your details with us first. Please note that nominations will close during the first week of April.

How do I register?

Visit and click on the Register link on the top right of the home page and fill in your details. This should take less than a minute. If you are already registered with the site or have nominated or voted in previous years you will not have to go through the registration process again. Once your details have been confirmed you will receive an email with your login information. Please note, ETO operates a manual approval process so this can take a few days at busy times.

Once I’m registered, can I nominate myself?

You can, but to just nominate yourself, your company and your products is considered bad form. Actually you can do what you want because your choices are completely confidential, but we would like you to spread the love around and also think of your suppliers or customers in the other categories. Please note that campaigning and lobbying for votes is encouraged but trying to fraudulently register a sudden influx of staff with the intent to influence the result is not.