Fancy a game? Oh Glow on then

Posted: January 18, 2018

Kheper Games launched its Glow in the Dark Sex! Dice at ANME, along with 11 other new products. Early samples of the product were shared at Erofame in Hanover back in October 2017.

Glow in the Dark Sex! Dice is a set of three dice of different colours which glow in the dark, the red and blue dice indicate the sex position used, while the green die also indicates a sex position, or the duration that the sex position is used.

“Sex! continues to be our most successful brand.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “With the Glow the Dark Sex! Dice we offer a simple and unique set of sex position dice. What’s novel about the item is that the dice glow in their respective colours, which has been quite popular with other glowing products of ours.”

Glow in the Dark Sex! Dice joins Kheper Games’ extensive line of highly successful Sex! games, including: the Sex! Card game, Endless Nights of Amazing Sex! Board Game, Sex! Scratch Tickets, Sex! Coupons, Sex! Dice, the Sexo! Card Game, International Sex! Card Game, Adventurous Sex! Card Game, the Glow in the Dark Sex!Board Game, Gay Sex! Card Game, and Lesbian Sex! Card Game.

The Glow in the Dark Sex! Dice are available in English, French, German and Spanish. For more information, visit