Extreme Personal Questions from Kheper Games

Posted: March 12, 2019

The latest adult party game from Kheper Games is Extreme Personal Questions (EPQ), which the firm describes as a game for both good friends and new friends to get to know each other better. There are 400 questions in the set and each card holds two questions, such as ‘What happened on the sluttiest day of your life?’ and ‘What is the grossest thing you have ever discovered growing on your body?’

To play Extreme Personal Questions, players select a card and read one of the two questions to the group. Two players volunteer to answer, and the rest of the group votes on who gives the best answer. That player earns the card as a point, and the first to collect five is the winner.

“Adult humoured party games continue to be a quickly expanding category for us,” said Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham. “People want to get together and have a good time with their friends.  Our adult party games are very simple to learn and play as well, which keeps party guests more engaged. The stories people tell playing this new game help as an icebreaker as your guests will definitely get to know each other better without ever feeling awkward since no one is required to answer a question they don’t volunteer to answer.”

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