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Exhibitor preview: Little Rooster

Exhibitor preview: Little Rooster

The very latest version of the Little Rooster Pleasure Clock will be launched at the ETO Show. The new Little Rooster is 50% more powerful than the original model and now has a lock feature so it won’t accidentally go off in luggage. It is also said to be nearly-silent at all power levels. Like the previous version it comes in a jewellery-style gift box with a satin storage bag and USB charging cable. It retails at the same £69 price point and is available in white, pink, purple and black.

“The Little Rooster created quite a buzz when launched last November,” said inventor and CEO Tony Maggs, “and we’re committed to multiplying that in the run-up to Christmas. We’re positioning the Little Rooster as much as a timepiece as an erotic toy, which makes it ideal for retailers who are branding their stores as upmarket providers of lifestyle and pleasure accessories. The Little Rooster is novel, it is stylish, it is mainstream yet edgy, it is aspirational, and it blurs the distinction between adult retailing and everyday life. Everyone from Playboy to the Sunday Times – and even Waitrose’s Ocado Magazine – loves the original Little Rooster, and now it is even better.”

The company is planning a PR campaign for Little Rooster which will start in the summer and run until Christmas.

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