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Exhibitor Preview: Big Richard


In the build up to the ETO Show, we will be revealing a different exhibitor’s plans for the event every day on this site, starting with Big Richard…

The star of the Big Richard stand will be an innovative new sex toy called AfterGlow [pictured]. It is described as being the first vibrator in the world to be based upon advanced medical technology that stimulates blood flow.

A Big Richard spokesperson said: “Vibrators have always been designed to vibrate and stimulate the clitoris or the g-spot directly. While effective, this neglects an important phase of the sexual response cycle – arousal. Or, the increased blood flow a woman gets when an earlobe, belly button or neck is teased, tickled or nibbled. The AfterGlow makes use of a medically certified light-based energy to enhance the blood flow, creating a profoundly more fulfilling sexual experience. The AfterGlow gives women the ability to achieve bigger, better and more frequent climaxes, with or without a partner.”

The firm will also be displaying its award-winning and uniquely Australian range of Big Richard Condoms, Massage Oil and Lube. In terms of promotions, a global pre-sale offer will be running for the AfterGlow vibrator.


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