Exclusive Tom Taylor X Prowler Room Aroma now available

Posted: January 30, 2019

Prowler has collaborated with illustrator Tom Taylor, who is known for T-shirts, mugs and stationery gifts, to create Tom Taylor X Prowler Room Aroma. The design of the bottle adds a lighthearted feel to the experience, according to Tom: “I wanted the design to be non-threatening, open, playful and fun.”

To ensure the product is not too intimidating for new users, the neon pink and yellow bottles feature a typical dadbod. “The illustration shows a man with a bit of a belly, a tattoo… it’s all about body positivity and having fun,” said Tom. “What Jean-Paul Gaultier did for Diet Coke, I hope to achieve with Tom Taylor X Prowler Room Aroma. Not only is it a functional product, but the bottle makes a cool keepsake. What I find exciting thing about this new collaboration with Prowler is that it opens up the door to a new range of products hopefully in the near future.”

The Tom Taylor X Prowler Room Aroma is available now. Contact ABS Holdings for more information.

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