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Exciting few months “guaranteed” for Lelo stockists

Exciting few months “guaranteed” for Lelo stockists

Lelo has announced that it is releasing an “unprecedented” number of new products over the next few months and leading the charge are the new Luna Smart Bead and Ora 2, an upgraded version of the firm’s oral sex simulator.

The Luna Smart Bead is described as a personal pleasure trainer, offering users a smarter way to enjoy longer, stronger orgasms. With touch-sensors that respond to a woman’s every squeeze, the product measures the user’s orgasm-potential and sets a vibration-guided routine that’s right for her. It includes five vibration-guided levels to work through plus a continuous pleasure mode. It is available in pink and deep rose.

Ora 2 is said to build on the success of Lelo’s win at the Cannes Lions Awards 2014. Improving the design further, the company has enlarged the rotating nub beneath a layer of smooth silicone, while incorporating SenseTouch technology, where vibrations activate on contact with the skin. Combined with the swirls and fast flicks spread across ten stimulation modes this is said to deliver the most satisfying oral sex experience on the market. Ora 2 is available in midnight blue, deep rose and black.

Lelo CEO Miroslav Slavic said: “Both the Luna Smart Bead and Ora 2 build on the experience and proven success of our portfolio, while offering something unique in the intimate lifestyle market. While the Luna Smart Bead is arguably one of the most sophisticated Lelo’s we have ever created, the Ora 2 shows our commitment to improving even our award-winning designs. It’s going to be an exciting few months for all our retail partners, I can guarantee you that.”

For more information visit www.lelo.com or, for prices and availability, contact your favourite Lelo distributor.